Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Exceler8 – QA your template

One neat techniques when using Exceler8, is the ability to export out all the content included in a Revit project or template to an Excel spread sheet. How many times have you questioned the naming of or wanted to know all the loaded families within a project or template? Well its easy with Exceler8, just start open a project or a template file. Choose the Export Category icon…..


This will open up the Exceler8 dialogue.


Next Check all the categories from the Category list, ensure one Category Per tab in Excel, radio button is selected, finally ensure Only Types (Include ALL Types) radio button is selected. Then choose Export.


Exceler8 will do its thing & produce a nicely formatted Excel spreadsheet for you. Open up the resulting Excel & you will see tabs for all the families loaded listed for each category.




Erik said...

Is there a away to work around the Office 2010 requirement?

Unknown said...

Eric we are planning to cook something up to resolve this issue.