Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vasari - Design Patterns

I have followed Zach Kronz blog articles on Parametric Design Patterns with interest. If you haven’t seen what he was been doing, shame on you. Get yourself over to his blog asap and be prepared to be wowed; there is much for you to learn my young padawan! Anyway, a few years ago I started experimenting with curtain walls in Revit and was particularly interested in seeing if I could create some of the design patterns and tessellated forms that  Erin Hauer had developed. Then few weeks back I was passing Arups London office, they are located just over the road from HOK’s London office and I noticed that they had a decorative screen using one of Hauers design to sub-divided part of the office. Sadly I got the bug again and started experimenting to see if I could re-created this screen. I think I got reasonably close by using one of Zach Kronz true hexagon panels from the Parametric Design pattern articles and some nested adaptive components.


Its not as pure as the original design as I was unable to create a curved surface with three major anchor points which would remain adaptive.


Anyway, I will run in to the technicalities of how to create this in a future blog article. I may well use this as a platform to model examples of buildings and designs I see of complex forms on my daily trip into the office. In the meantime, I hope you find these interesting.


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very impressive!