Monday, January 17, 2011

designbymany – I won!


Much to my surprise I got an email from Dave Fano over at Case last week to say that I had won the first designbymany competition with my Vasari submission of the first sponsored challenge. The task was to design a parametric version of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House. I didn’t really want to copy the original design, but to apply a modern twist on the concept which would allow todays fabrication processes to produce something would could be easily assembled and constructed. Dave Fano posted the following Youtube movie of my model being flexed.

My model can be downloaded from the designbymany website if you are interested.image

The latest competition has just been posted and this is to design an external shade system. Go for it, you may end up winning a HP plotter!


Unknown said...

Congratulations :))

AB said...

would be nice to see how you modelled it. Any video or file to share???

AB said...

it would be nice to know more about "how" you modelled it. Any video or file to share?

Congratulation anyway!!!