Monday, December 06, 2010

AU2010 – very quick summary

So I’m back to work after a week of BIM and AU overload, still a little jet lagged, but overall just about back in the land of the living. So what was it like you may ask? Hmmmmm well there where some highlights and some lowlights. Be sure to read William over at UnderNDA’s blog article on his Top 5 lists . I’d say this was pretty much close to my view on the event.


Trends wise, everybody seemed to tweet, cloud computing has moved on to infinite computing and every other person had an ipad. On Tuesday morning, just after the keynote speak James Van and I did a class entitled Advanced Techniques for Curtain Walls and Panels. It was a 60 minute class, I have to say it was the fastest 60 minutes I have ever seen. As soon as we had started, we seem to have finished. Feedback wise, it was mixed, mostly people complained about the time,  but I have to say this is not exactly our fault. We where trying to cram in 120 minutes of material into 60 minutes. Lets hope next year Autodesk listen to the feedback and go back to the traditional 90 minute format. Still the funniest thing was reading the feedback, it was very random…..quotes like….

“Although advanced class, it was more than I expected.”

“seemed very rushed with 1 hour. The flew through all the material.”


“Presenters were badly organized.”

“It was good, but needed more content. In the time allowed, that is all that could be done.”

“Although advanced class, it was more than I expected.”

“seemed very rushed with 1 hour. The flew through all the material.”


“one of the speakers was bit hard to understand, the other was very clear. there was not enough time to cover the subject matter well so the overall experience was not as good as it could have been”


Overall we have ended up with a score of 4.388 out of 5, so I don’t think we were that bad!


The bunny in the headlights look! This was 15 minutes before our class.

On the Wednesday I helped out Zach Kronz and Robert Manna with there Au Bon Panel Baking Your Own Adaptive Components and Panels labs class. This class got over subscribed so they had to run two, one at 8am and the second at 3pm. I would say the earlier class was probably more successful, but in both cases it was great fun and felt just like my day job running around and assisting people. Feedback again was very positive 4.646% and 4.765% respectively.

On Thursday I sat in on Phil Reads Zen of Void session. Back to some old school use of void in families. As usual, the class was presented in Phil’s polished yet sharp tongued style. Good to see he hasn’t lost of any of his passion and charm for the Revit technology. All the noise was about Phil's next career steps; I am sure you will start to hear more news over at arch+tech in the not to distant future! Certainly keep your eyes pealed as Phil seemed pretty stoked about his new career direction.

Thursday evening, Jim Balding organised an old timers Revit get together, which was great. More Revit geeks around one table than you can shake a stick at! I sat next to Steve Stafford who explained the AUGI forums wows! What a nightmare that is; the story behind this mess would make an amazing novel, its that messy!


So that's it folks, AU2010 in a few simple lines. Was it a great one? maybe not, but from a social stand point it was invaluable. Next year AU2011 is back at the Venetian, I do hope that normal services will be resumed. Until then…….

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