Thursday, June 03, 2010

Getting ripped off

Now I think I’m a reasonably relaxed sort of guy (my wife would probably say different! :-) ) But a good friend of mine passed this link to me today. It would seem somebody has been passing off my blog articles as theirs. They do at least make reference to the source.

Whilst I’m not that precious about what I write about, I little bit of credit or just a quick email to say, “hi, you ok if we link to your article?” wouldn't have gone a miss. Now I would probably say no problem, just make reference to who wrote the article. I remember Steve Stafford highlighting a similar issue around 12 months back and he wasn’t exactly thrilled by it then and either am I.


KyleB said...

Blogging re-post are a big pet peeve of mine, I feel your pain.

My recommendation is that you mess with the person by posting your original post, and then modifying the image links on your post to new URLs. Use the old URLs to point to all sorts of incorrect images.

For somebody who just re-posted your original, their page will just start displaying your incorrect images.


Matt Dillon said...

Hear hear! Including a trackback link isn't the same as giving credit where credit is due. Call it what you will, I call it plagarism.

Leigh said...

Hi David,
I have just come across your blog and really like some of your posts.
I am starting to maintain a blog and I am looking for quality content to share with our customers (we are an Autodesk Reseller and Training Centre).

Is there any way to contact you to discuss possibly reposting some of your work, of course with credit and a clear link to the original.


Unknown said...

Hey David,

Sorry about this...usually I include the source link and a credit as I did in this post to another one of your articles...

Sorry about that...I will be happy to correct.

Unknown said...

post has been updated...again sorry guys...I usually do better than that...must have been in a hurry that day...