Friday, November 06, 2009

Revit tries to poison workers!!!

How often do you look at your journal file? Well a friend of my pointed this out a few weeks ago and I noticed it in one our journals today……


“Could not posionWorkers” ? Is there something I’m missing here? Is it Revit’s secret way of trying to kill off those that don’t show commitment to the theory of Revit and BIM. So do Revit, else it may try and poison you! :-)


Dustin said...

Thread Pool is a programming pattern.

The Thread Pool is made up of "Workers". As the application has a task to perform it lets the Thread Pool know and assigns a Worker to the task...the worker does the task and returns back to the Thread Pool.

This is what is used to allow applications to do multiple task at once... multiple workers from the Thread Pool working on their own task concurrently.

I am not sure, but I would assume that “Could not posionWorkers” is likely part of Revit's Thread-Safety implementation. Since the Thread Pool is busy, their must be a lock on one thread or all threads are being used and the pool can't be used/accessed (or can't be poisoned).

This is still a funny find, and it shows that some Revit programmer has a sense of humor.

Zach Kron said...

This is my all time favorite journal comment (and currently being incorporated into a T-shirt)! Runner up is "purgeDeletedWorksetsAndNukeGraveyard"