Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Revit 2009 Subscription Utilities made available

I have just had notification from Autodesk that the Worksharing Monitor, Batch Print Utility and Globe Link Plug-in for the Revit 2009 products are now available on the Subscription Website. My understanding is these are simply updated versions of the 2008 utilities. I can't confirm whether they have fixed the memory problem which has caused issues with some users.

To get to the utilities, log on to the subscription website and navigate down the front page until you find:-
Click the "Click here" link and this will take you to the "Autodesk Building Solutions Products, Add-ons, and Enhancements". You will the find the new 2009 batch print, worksharing monitor and globe liink for Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP 2009. Hopefully every one will see these and you will not suffer from the same visbility issues which blighted the 2008 release.

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