Wednesday, November 13, 2013

case BIM Hackathon – AU 2013, Las Vegas,

imageHey, got a heads up from my old CASE buddies the other day with regards to the BIM Hackathon they will be hosting on the 3rd December, 2013 on the first day of Autodesk University (scarily enough that’s my birthday! hint hint!). So what is a BIM Hackathon you may ask? Well in essence its described as the following….

Typically thought of as coding or programming only, let's not forget this a BIM hackathon and that means we're upping challenges with 3 categories:

  • Coding: This is a programming challenge. The topic will be specific but the hack will be open to any programming language.
  • Modeling: We will provide a modeling challenge on the night of the event. People will work to find a modeling solution in the software of their choice.
  • Visualization: We will provide a completed model of a project and teams will work to create an amazing image.

All the details you need to know are on the link below where you can sign up! Look forward to seeing you there!

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