Friday, January 25, 2013

Hot Fix–Autodesk Revit 2013

You may want to install this hotfix which was issued this week for Revit 2013, as it addresses the following issues for Families as well as Revit server.

Part Family:

  • Prevents data loss during upgrade of families containing specific material parameters.
  • Improves stability and memory usage within graphics display.
  • Improves vector print output of transparent elements and masking regions.
  • Prevents accidental data loss during cancellation of the in-place family editor.

Revit Server:

  • Revit would occasionally report that an operation could not be completed when attempting a work-sharing operation after a period of inactivity, if Riverbed devices were used in conjunction with Revit Server. A subsequent retry of the operation would then succeed. When this hotfix is applied to Revit, this behaviour is eliminated. No changes to Revit Server are required.

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