Monday, September 10, 2012

CASE-Inc are coming to the UK

imageToday I have the pleasure in formally announcing you that I have joined CASE Inc. as Director of Implementation.

After almost 4 inspiring years at HOK (it was actually a little longer than this, as I provided Revit training in the early days of Revit implementation at HOK) it was time to make a change. It may be the worst kept secret in the BIM community, but we needed to get all the t&c's sorted before anything could be officially announced. CASE Inc was formed 4 years ago to fill the gap between building design and technology. Based in New York City, CASE Inc provides strategic advising to building design professionals, contractors and owners seeking to supplant traditional project delivery methods through technology-driven process innovation.

My role will be to continue the impressive work already started and bring the principles that CASE Inc have established in the US to the UK. I will also focus on directing and employing BIM implementation services and supporting AEC clients globally from our London office. 

In many ways the timing is right, with the UK government requiring level 2 BIM on all publicly procured projects by 2016, the design community and owners alike need as much support as possible to help them establish these new processes and ways of working. The BIM process has a long way to go; in fact because of its tight reliance on technology it's much like a treadmill. Once on the path don't expect to see the finish line anytime soon. I have quoted to people that we are only just at the very infancy of BIM. Some go on about it being something that was started in the 70's / 80's and is nothing really new. That might be correct, as the concept of model based design has been around for many years, Rucaps Sonata is a case in point But only now has computing power, the software, the mindset set, sustainability requirements & the need to be more efficient, started to give BIM the credit it truly deserves.


Jared Banks said...

Congratulations! That's awesome news.

Gytis said...

Im glad for you and sincerely congratulate :)

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Congratulations David! said...

Thanks for the posts. good stuff.