Thursday, June 21, 2012

Free Auto-Section Box tool



Reference to this tool appeared on twitter the other day from Luke Johnson over at what Revit wants blog. The Tool is from Coins & is called Auto-Section Box.  It can be downloaded from the Autodesk Exchange Apps site for Revit 2013 only.I downloaded the tool yesterday to play with it. What is of most interest is that you select objects to automatically create a cropped 3d section. As Trey from Autodesk suggest on the Autodesk Wiki, you can achieve the same result using a Callout & a default 3d view. However, further investigation you can just select rooms & use these as the crop extents.

So in a plan view select the room.


Next go to the Add-ins tab & select the Auto-Section Box tool (assuming you have installed it). The following dialogue will appear.


The Size “Elements Extents, plus buffer” is the dimension which will form the extents of the section box around the selected room. In this case 300mm or 12”. Next Select ok & a new view is created based on the room. Those that are doing healthcare & S&T work may see some real value in this!



DaveP said...

>> Size “Elements Extents, plus buffer”

I am submitting that as a Wish List right now for Interior Elevations!

That's been one of my pet peeves of Interior Elevations forever. If Revit would just make the box an inch bigger instead of exactly at the face of the Floor...

Unknown said...

So this is only good for a room?
I work with piping and HVAC and a tool that would cut through piping to give me a 3D view would be great.
Does this do that?