Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why unified Autodesk login is a mess

Ok, I don’t generally rant…(my wife thinks differently)…..but the unified Autodesk login is a total mess. Now it maybe that is has a lot to do with legacy login details when I was at Excitech (reseller). When I moved to HOK, I had to jump through all sorts of hoops to get it fixed. Finally it got is resolved. Then this year when I logged into the Subs centre I only saw a fraction of what I was supposed to see. Today, I can’t login at all!!!! Try to reset the pass word but “Computer says No!”….so what does this mean….well I can’t login to the Subs centre, I am locked out of the Cloud & I can’t access anything on the Autodesk Labs website. A wasted afternoon.

imageI guess those guys at the support centre will react & get it sorted, but this is not much good if you are trying to work at the weekend. Maybe the lesson is not to work at the weekend as the Autodesk Cloud is not open for business!


AutodeskCare said...

Hi David.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience that you've been receiving within the Subscription Center and would like help get everything sorted out accordingly. Can you please send me a "ask us a question" on our blog site:, and include your email address so that we can take this offline / troubleshoot accordingly.

cadalot said...

Welcome to the Dark Side Luke!

RobiNZ said...

I think this may be thanks to the "unification" (migration of some services to Unified) going on at the moment.

Had the same yesterday, tried a password reset (failed) then got in ok today.

Complicated by Support response related to a mistake I made with sign in arriving at the same time!

Sam said...

Just click the "I forgot my username".

It worked for me since it gave me a username I completely forgot I had with Autodesk.

William Sutherland said...

Interesting - I had almost exactly the same thing happen to me last year and it took months and eventually the intervention of my reseller to get it fixed.