Friday, November 04, 2011

Protect the Fluffy Kittens!


James Vandezande has been tweeting that he gets upset every time someone says “BIM Model”. So much so he has suggested that every time somebody says it, a Fluffy Kitten is shot! Sad, cruel, but probably true! The debate & discussion on the term…..nahhhhh I won’t even type it BIM ##### will go on. James told me today that Mr Paul Morrell will even highlight that the term should change, after James mentioned it at this weeks BIMforum in Washington D.C during his presentation. :-)


Unknown said...

All glory to Czar Morrell!

DaveP said...

BIM Model
ATM Machine
PIN Number

Any others?

RobiNZ said...

In NZ taxes are collected by the IRD, often said "IRD Department".

That is: Inland Revenue Department Department

Unknown said...

Finally, someone else is very annoyed by the term BIM.

Eloi Coloma said...

Yes, I think that is not so important. Like Dave says, there are a lot of samples of similar redundancy.