Thursday, June 16, 2011

Legless AT-AT


The HOK London office have recently purchased a 3d printer. To be honest I am not the most practical of people, just ask my wife! But the 3d printing thing is good fun. I have put a few models from Revit & Vasari through the system with varying results. I was keen to see if I could print the now legendary Revit AT-AT but although the whole thing printed just fine, the legs where obviously too flimsy for the main body. You live & learn.

2011-06-03 18.11.20

The AT-AT appearing for the depths of the dust.

2011-06-03 18.14.32

At this stage he was still in one piece!

2011-06-09 15.59.45

2011-06-09 16.20.12

Oh dear me…..… :-)

1 comment :

BIM Troublemaker said...

you could put him out in the street with a small bowl. Alms for the legless AT-AT? Please Help!