Monday, February 28, 2011

Vasari – louvered façade

Ok, apologies, but it has been a number of few weeks since I have posted anything! Things are picking up here in London so I have been really busy, but this is really not an excuse! Anyway, I thought I’d pass this little modelling tip on to you. Somebody in the office asked me a a few weeks back whether it was possible to create a parametric louver system which could be used on a facade for a freeform building they where working on.image

The louvers needed to be parametric so that they could adjust the angle of the louvers as and when required, to meet the environmental conditions. image

So I knocked this solution up with the user sat at my desk inside 10 minutes using a combination of points, nested adaptive components and curtain wall pattern based families. The original example was completed in Revit Architecture 2011, but the youtube video was done in Vasari 1.1. Sorry, there is no sound / voice over, but hopefully I have done the exercise slow enough for you to follow along!


Luke said...

Come on David, where's the file :-)

ksobon_iit said...

That was really nice. I started a blog of my own. I even did a interpretation of one of your tuts from earlier (tree support). Recently I posted something that you might find interesting (custom panels and intersects). Look it up and if you think its worth it can you place a link to it at your website? I would really appreciate it. Thank you! konrad @

Goog said...

very pretty