Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Undernda blog

My colleague and friend, William Lopez Campo has finally decided to unleash a blog on us. You may well remember William from last years AU 2009 design slam, he was also the winner for the Berlin design slam with this little beauty…


A quick chat with William today and this is his vision for the blog…

“I’m hoping to capture some of those little developments I start but never finish, like the Inverse Kinematics application in Revit, or some scripting ideas that never progressed. Hopefully the comments and feedback will keep me going and I may get help to go past the tricky bits where I get stuck or inspire other explorations.”

Be sure to check out his blog at http://undernda.blogspot.com/


I promise you, there will be some high level stuff here! Welcome William, to the world of blogging. :-)

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