Friday, May 07, 2010

Wiley Publishing to provide Autodesk Official ATC training guides

I had mentioned in a previous blog article that I have been helping James, Eddie and Phil with a chapter on concept curtain walls for the forthcoming book entitled Master Revit Architecture 2011. James did say that there where things going on in the background and that the book may become official Autodesk training material! So I’m please to announce that I got an email from James Van yesterday evening which provided a link to an official press release from Wiley.

Sybex, an Imprint of Wiley Publishing, Inc. (NYSE: JWa and JWb), a global leader in the publishing of educational materials, has executed a brand licensing agreement with Autodesk, Inc. under which ten titles on leading Autodesk products will be exclusively designated as “Autodesk Official Training Guides.” Five of these titles are from Sybex’s Mastering series and have been enhanced to cover the learning objectives for Autodesk’s certification exams.

The Autodesk Official Training Guides and their availability dates are:

  • Introducing Autodesk Maya 2011 (Available)
  • Mastering AutoCAD and AutoCAD 2011* (May 2010)
  • AutoCAD  2011 and AutoCAD 2011: No Experience Required (June 2010)
  • Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011: No Experience Required (July 2010)
  • Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011* (July 2010)
  • Mastering 3ds Max Design 2011* (August 2010)
  • Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011* (August 2010)
  • Mastering Autodesk Inventor 2011* (August 2010)
  • Mastering Autodesk Maya 2011 (August 2010)
  • Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2011 (August 2010)

For more up to date info check out The Mastering Revit Architecture Teams Facebook page and Arc Tech blog.

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