Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Revit AEC Blogger Day – Revit 2010 Subs Advantage Pack

The cat is out of the bag! Autodesk have been really busy…..today Autodesk ran what is described as a Blogger Day, where they presented the forthcoming Revit 2010 Subscription Advantage Pack. Hopefully due out this week, this release will have a number of enhancements over and above the out of the box version of Revit of 2010!!!

So what is the subs advantage pack???

This is like a point release and is only available to subscription users. Rather than releasing separate extensions like they have done in the past, Autodesk have bundled these all up as a complete release with a number of new features. So be aware, this is a complete new release!!!

So what do these improvements include:-

  • Additional shortcut commands
  • A UI to control the shortcuts (hooray) no more text file editing
  • Conditional formatting in all products
  • DWG export improvements
  • Text formatting – from shortcuts
  • Find and replace text
  • Model lines to Detail lines and back
  • Link file improvements
  • API improvements
  • Autodesk Revit Model Review
  • Revit DBlink
  • Image modeler will now be included so you can create point cloud data from images and export this to DWG and import this into Revit
  • Wood Wall Framing tool

3d Framing

Finally, all the Revit Structure feature will now be included to in Revit Architecture!!! :-) Hooray!!!!

  • Curved beams
  • Beam copping
  • Create Trusses
  • Tag beam systems
  • Slab directions and decking
  • Slanted columns
  • Split with Gap

Revit Structure advantage features will also include:-

  • Insulation tool
  • Placing 3d beams from geometry references in imported 3d drawings
  • Control beam length tolerance
  • Wood Framing
  • Interferences of Reinforcing bars
  • Bridge Design Modules

Slanted Columns

Revit MEP advantages features will also include:-

  • will see MEP performance improvements
  • Temp dims in layout mode
  • Content Countrification for China, Russia,UK, International
  • New Electrical content for the US


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Jim Balding said...

Thanks David - already tweeted the link...

Suresh Chotrani said...

Where is image modeler in it? I am not getting, please help.

Rob said...

Hey david, have you tried the wood framing feature yet? i can't get mine to even load. any luck on your end? thanks

scottcwaelde said...

have you tried installing the Revit extensions on a Windows 7 Machine? I installed everything but the Extensions keep erroring out. any ideas?