Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Newforma blog

newforma blog

Thought I'd share this with you, but a good friend of mine and ex colleague / manager, Tim Bates has started a blog on Newforma. Tim was never a big fan of blogs, but over the past few years I have managed to win him over; check out his post on I Hate Blogs!. :-)

Tim is well respected in the UK AEC community and helped drive the use of ADT in the UK in the early days on such projects as T5 and Barts in London. Prior to joining Newforma as Director of EMEA Operations, Tim was technical director of Excitech Ltd where he employed me as a Revit technical consultant. He was also a member of the CE Avanti Committee and secretary of the UK AEC Community Group, and has published several CPD-approved articles on technology-related topics in the Excitech Design Productivity Journal. Prior to joining Excitech, Tim founded and managed his own Autodesk dealership, T B Design Systems, based in Bristol, England.

Check out his blog here.....


Ihab Hijazi said...

Is it possible to control geometry representation when we export to IFC.
i need to export my object with BReb

Kind regards

Ihab Hijazi said...

is it possible to select the geometry representation when we export to IFC. I need my object to be exported with BRep