Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Free Autodesk software for students and the unemployed

This is odd post, but with the current economic challenges I thought I'd share this with you. Originally posted on the WorldCADaccess blog, it would seem that Autodesk have recognised that these are difficult times for architects and designers. So they have now extended there Autodesk Assist Program to the unemployed. More detail can be found here....

The following applications are included within the program - Revit Architecture, AutoCAD, Civil 3d and Inventor Professional.If you qualify, you can download and use the software for 13 months, there is also access to online tutorials. Details on whether you qualify can be found on the above link.


cadalot said...


Wai on Bim & Beam talks about this being launched in North America, I have asked the question about Europe and the UK on his blog but have not had an answer yet the link you have provided says nothing about the areas of the world where this is available.

Ashraf said...

@ cadalot
Not sure about UK and Europe, but I'm located in Malaysia, and receiving the Autodesk software just fine. It is also available in India.

I believe you can see the list of countries from the drop down menu when you first register.