Friday, March 06, 2009

So much going on.....

Ok, it would seem that now I have a real job I'm not posting as much as I should, hopefully this will change once the NDA comes down on Revit Architecture 2010. :-) Anyway there is loads of stuff going on in the Revit blogging world. Here are a couple of highlights I picked out recently.

Inside the Factory

Most of you probably know about the new Autodesk Inside the Factory blog, if you don't, take a look at it here:-

This should be essential reading for all Revit fans.

Revit Kid

Another blog which caught my attention is Revit Kid. This is a cool blog and has some great video tutorials. It seems to be geared towards those in education, but to be honest it has some great information and looks set to be a good learning resource. Check it out at:-



If you are into programming Revit, you should check out Ed Pitts'

Ed is the technical director at CADsmart. "He has been developing in VB and for several years with Revit, AutoCAD and MicroStation. When he is not doing this he is either being a good father, a devoted husband, a competent builder, an impatient decorator, a keen photographer, a rusty guitarist or an expert Lambretta mechanic". The site includes VB examples and workthroughs and as Ed suggests  "I've decided to setup this blog to share the tips and tricks I learn on the way, as well as discuss the unresolved problems that highlight gaps in the API (or gaps in my knowledge!)."

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