Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Build of Revit Structure 2008 is released

Not to be out done by the architectural team, the structural boys also have a new build posted (20070810_1700). This includes the following inprovements:-

• Straight beam joins and cuts back properly when supported by vertical curved beams.
• Improves stability after receiving a corrupt element warning when opening a project.
• Improves stability when saving a Project with a linked DWG™ file that contains an image.
• Improves stability when applying a view template to a sheet view.
• In Windows Vista™ operating system, allows the ability to write to revit.ini, licpath.lic,
KeyboardShortcuts.txt, and the Journals folder.
• Line based families contained in a group are no longer flipped when the group is mirrored.
• Improves stability when importing group into Titleblock family.
• Allows the ability to export renderings to TIFF format.
• When temporary dimension text too small to read, user can adjust the size of the font through Revit.ini.
• Linked DWG added by another user will now show up in Manage Links after reload latest.
• “Relative” spot elevation updates automatically with the change in Level elevation.
• When exporting to DWG file, overlapping lines that share a point are no longer missing in the resulting

The build can be downloaded from:-

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