Monday, September 04, 2006

Whats new in Revit 9.1

Autodesk have unleashed Revit Building 9.1 & Structure 4 on to the masses. However, your probably wondering what’s new? Often its not always clear what it’s the latest release & 9.1 is no exception, whilst its not gonna set the world on fire, it has some interesting new improvements, most are to bring it inline with Revit Structure 4.

Selecting units for DWG export
Exporting room and area properties to 2D DWF
Export globally unique identifier (GUID) to 2D and 3D DWF
Export unit information and unformatted values to 2D DWF
Importing and exporting portable network graphics (PNG) image files
Room/area reports with exclusions
Specifying the building type and zip code for exported gbXML files
Hiding elevation tags
Improved snapping for section views
Set room bounding condition for columns prior to placement
Placing windows and doors on in-place walls in plan view
Moving end-joined components
Using the Trim/Extend tool with beams and braces
Moving braces out of their originating plane
Non-planar beam systems
New option for the Layout Rule instance parameter for structural systems
Concrete drawing improvements
Automatic concrete joins
Beam Direction Edge tool renamed
New options for sketching beam directions
Different display options for hidden, non-rectangular concrete beams
Independent visibility control for revision clouds and revision tags
New area property for filled region

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