Thursday, September 22, 2005

Resolving dimension export font format issues

Have you every noticed that when you export your Revit plans to DWF/DXF that the dimensions can go screwy if you attempt to stretch the dimensions? For some reason although the font type for the dimension in the DWG/DXF is supposed to be the same as the font in Revit, it as actually TXT.shx in disguise!

When you stretch the dimension in Autocad the font changes from Arial (if that is your default font in Revit) to TXT.shx.

The only way I have managed to resolve this problem is to change the STANADARD font type from TXT.shx to Arial as soon as you open up the exported DWG/DXF in Autocad. So to change the font formatting in Autocad; open up your exported Revit DWG/DXF, then go to the Format pulldown menu & find Text Style. Then change style name “Standard” font from TXT.shx to Arial. If you make changes to the dimensions now the formatting remains fine.

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MrFish said...


I have a similar problem. I am exporting sheet from Revit to Autocad but the dims are changing from Filled arrows to tick marks. Why?? I even have one sheet with 2 section views on. One comes out with Arrows but the other Tick marks on the same Autocad dwg file.

Any thoughts